Piers Bedford Piers attended mainstream school in Doncaster and achieved a range of GCSE’s at grade 3 -5 including English and Maths. Piers joined Harrison College and has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and had a desire to be more independent and pursue a career in commerce or turn one of his hobbies, cooking, into a career. During his school journey he found making and retaining friends a challenge and would find new social situation difficult. From joining #teamHC Piers demonstrated the fundamental skills required to be employable and to thrive in the working world. He quickly become a highly valued and liked member of his peer group and led the way in presenting himself in smart business dress. Piers demonstrated that he was developing skills that employers value, such as resilience, communication and teamwork and completed a successful internship at Doncaster Chamber of Commerce supporting the Education and Skills team with business support and administration. From there, he was asked to interview at Absolute Recovery for an office role where he was successful and continues to work. “My time at Harrison College has boosted my confidence, before coming here I wouldn’t have been able to go into a workplace. I couldn’t even go into a Subway and order food as I was too nervous. I can do that easily now and with my boost in confidence I am ready to go into the workplace. “ Piers

Daniel Mannion Daniel enrolled on a post 16 course at a mainstream sixth form in Doncaster but found that he wasn’t being pushed to achieve his dream job in finance and accountancy. At the end of Year 12, Daniel decided to join #teamHC and brought with him experience of employability skills, Active Leaders and a range of GCSE’s including English and Maths. He completed theoretical courses in Health and Safety and Customer Service, but he wanted to pursue finance and accountancy and develop the skills he knew were vitally important to employment. Daniel came to Harrison College with a diagnosis of ASD and clear goals of what we wanted to achieve. He began a unique and individualised study programme that would allow him to achieve his goals within one academic year. Daniel impressed the staff team from day one of induction and proactive in asking for experiences and opportunities to develop his skills. In January of the academic year, Daniel was given the opportunity to work within a fast-paced finance department at Orb Recruitment. From starting his internship, Daniel quickly became a valuable member of staff with his line managers commenting that he was completing tasks quicker than they could give him. Even though Daniel was working within finance he also started to work with clients and even brought new business into Orb. Daniel was offered a full-time role at Orb Recruitment. “ I came to Harrison College fed up with Sixth Form, where I felt I wasn’t supported. If it wasn’t for Harrison College, I wouldn’t be the person I am today with the skills and life experience. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Harrison College and Orb Recruitment for making me more confident and making me grow a lot as a person. “ Daniel

Demi-Marie Holmes Demi-Marie attended mainstream school in Doncaster and achieved a range of GCSE’s at grade 3 -5 including English and Maths but struggled with the fixed rules and restrictions in place meaning that her attendance was low. Demi-Marie has a diagnosis of ASD and at times would find working in a team difficult due to others around her being more confident. During her time at Harrison College Demi-Marie completed a wing walk raising money for charity and the student council supported her with fundraising events. Even though Demi-Marie could find group situation challenging she has an aspiration to pursue a career in sport and coaching. Demi-Marie worked on her confidence, teamwork and leadership skills and was offered an internship with Fit4Rugby where she accompanied their coaches to a range of primary schools to deliver PE lessons. During this time, as part of her study programme Harrison College funded a Level 2 UKCC with the Rugby Football League to further enhance her knowledge and skills. Through her experience with Fit4Rugy Demi-Marie was interviewed for an apprenticeship in Sports Coaching and will continue to pursue her sports coaching career. “At secondary school I struggled and didn’t want to attend due to people constantly making negative comments to me that weren’t necessary and I felt I want getting the support I needed. When I first heard about Harrison College I wasn’t sure about coming however now I know it was the right choice and a great opportunity for me. When I first started, I didn’t talk to anyone due to being shy and not trusting them but now my confidence have grown and now I will speak up and voice my opinions. I am happy with my choice of coming to Harrison College and I think it is a good thing in Doncaster.” ““Harrison College provide excellent communication of what is happening and have helped Demi-Marie with all aspects of support she needs to achieve her goals. Harrison College have been very supportive in everything Demi-Marie wants to do inside and outside of college.” Ms Holmes

Chris Ulley "Secondary school wasn't for me. I hated the lessons, class sizes, how busy it was and the lack of individuality. At school, I was bullied and received no support. I had to leave school early because it became too much. When I joined Harrison College, I didn't speak to anyone, I wore the same blue shirt and blue joggers and could only manage one day a week. Now, I have a big group of friends, socialise with people, wear outfits I like, attend college more days and I am out every weekend. I also reached out to old schools friends after my confidence was built back up."