Harrison College is a specialist business, enterprise and employability post-16 education provision for students with autism and special educational needs.

We place no limits on what can be achieved, it is ‘Your Future, Your Choice’.

Harrison College is different from a traditional Sixth Form or Further Education College as we are based in a small, professional environment on a business park, designed to maximise the potential of all young people with learning difficulties including those with high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome. We focus on preparing young people for adult life, encompassing employability skills, work experience, social skills, and life skills.


Student Reviews

“I really like Harrison College because it’s a small environment for me to work in. The staff are nice and I think I’ve improved my communication skills and my confidence. I would like to stay at Harrison College.”

Student Reviews

“Harrison College has given me a large opportunity for work, build my confidence and develop new skills. They have also given me time to decide what I want to do in the long-term future. My internship with a local business was arranged and I was supported with that – I have now been offered an apprenticeship. I would recommend Harrison College to anyone who is struggling to work out what to do with their future.”

Student Reviews

“There is nothing that Harrison College can do to make it better, College is perfect.”