Feedback and testimonials from partner businesses:

“As a charity in the conservation sector managing natural green spaces across South Yorkshire, here at The Conservation Volunteers we aim to promote positive outcomes for not only these important green spaces, but also the communities and individuals that use them.
Part of this work involves actively encouraging local communities to engage with the natural spaces around them through a range of volunteering activities and learning opportunities.
Working in collaboration with Harrison College over the last year has allowed us to offer a wide range of learning experiences to the students. They have embraced these opportunities, and it has been inspiring to see their enthusiasm and hard work, the sessions have allowed them to not only learn new practical skills, but also to develop social skills, confidence, leadership, and teamworking skills through considering why we do certain tasks, and how we plan and carry out these tasks safely.
Alongside these group sessions we have also hosted a student on an internship. This young man has grasped this opportunity and has blossomed throughout his placement. The partnership working and support from the college has been integral to the success of his placement, and we would not have been in a position to deliver these opportunities without the dedicated support and structure that the staff at Harrison College provide, both in terms of the communication which supports all our partnership working, but also through the environment and ethos that the college provides.
The college offers a calm and psychologically-informed environment, and it is very clear that this sets the standard for much of the amazing work which is done here. Without the support of Harrison College many of the students we have met would have found difficulty in accessing such a range and quality of opportunities.”

The Conservation Volunteers

“Wow…what a day today, it was a privilege to sit and listen /contribute with Rik ( AKA justaskrik) in his workshop today!
His presentation certainly inspired the students and was thought provoking for them (& me too!) His content was absolutely spot on and captured everybody’s imaginations for ‘Can Do’ attitude, which is what I believe Harrison College embraces. I just want to take the opportunity to express my thanks to TeamHC for including me as part of the Harrison College day to day activities like this. It just inspires me to keep going and wanting to do that bit extra.”

Steve Dixon, Independent Consultant Sales and Trade

From meeting the Harrison College team on in 2023 it became very apparent that the educational format was very well structured and very well organised. Having taken time to visit the college and a couple of the projects, our team at CEVA Logistics in Doncaster, decided that an internship student would be great for us to support at our distribution depot on the iport near Rossington. Our student XXX who was carefully selected by Harrison College has joined our customer services, planning and business process excellence team. XXX has started really well and is now into his 4th week here at CEVA Logistics. The support leading up to his start date, which included 2 meetings with the college team present plus a family visit to site gave both our intern and our colleagues a better understanding of how the program should be implemented. XXX has started really well and mainly works with two key members of staff on projects relating to improvements for warehouse processes which he will continue to do whilst also working alongside our customer services and planning team. The communication with Harrison College is second to none and it is a pleasure to work in partnership with such a lovely organisation. “

Paul Moore, Shift Manager, CEVA Logistics

” Thank you again for giving Skills Street the opportunity to work with you. Skills Street set the students a project brief to research and design three of the industry pods that are planed for Skills Street. Students had 3 weeks to research, design and then present to two members of the board and there is definitely aspects of all the students ideas and presentations that we will use going forwards in our plans for Skills Street. Well done to all involved, it was clear that all of the students worked hard on your individual areas and had a good understanding of the project brief. There was evidence that students had thought about all target user groups, from the design of your zone to the activities. The board were impressed by how you brought a sense of identity to your pitch by designing and creating a logo to bring a unique feel to the offer. You went the extra mile to produce a 3D printed zone mock up, WOW, this is impressive to help realise your ideas in a physical concept. Looking forward to the next steps of our partnership.”

James Beighton, Business Development Manager, Skills Street

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with students, our key target audience, has given a personable and professional insight that has already helped to shape the partnership offer of our organisation.  The way that Harrison College students understood the live project brief was inspiring, making us think differently about the design of our visitor offer.  We are now in a position to approach new business partners utilising the creativity and suggestions of the College students.  This is teamwork and entrepreneurship in action! Thank you Harrison College, every part of this project was commercially and strategically relevant to our aims at Skills Street”.

Paul Chatterton, Head of Automation, Weldricks

“I wanted to say a big thank you and well done for today! Our offices are on Heaven’s Walk a few doors up from you and we saw you today litter picking and we wanted to say thank you. Giving of your time and efforts freely to help keep our/your area of business clean and tidy is something to be commended. I am sure that many of the people working in the offices today were thinking the same when they saw you as they looked out of their windows also.”

Jade Dyer, Business Director, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce

“…The pleasure was ours and thanks to xxx who really took great care of him whilst he was with us. I hope that xxx received our small token of appreciation for the work he did with us. He was a pleasure to have and I hope that the experience was a positive one for him.”

Jade Dyer, Business Director, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce

” I am writing this reference for LP, a talented and hardworking individual who has impressed me in so many ways. I have had the pleasure of working with LP for around a year, and I can say without a doubt that he has become one of the most exceptional professionals I have ever met. LP is a studious, articulate, and proactive individual who always likes to keep himself busy with work. He has a remarkable ability interpret data in Excel and uses his creativity to approach complex problems with innovative solutions.
One of the things that set LP apart is his professional demeanour. He is always well-dressed and presents himself with poise and confidence, reflecting his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. LPs is an excellent team player who thrives in a collaborative environment but is equally capable of working independently when required. LP’s kind and caring nature is also evident in his interactions with colleagues and clients. He is always punctual, easy to work with, and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone around him feels supported and valued. In summary, P is an exceptional professional with a unique combination of intelligence, creativity, and work ethic. He is a valuable asset to any team, and I would highly recommend him without hesitation.”

Jazz Jones, Head of Learning and Development – Sustainable Building Products, Polypipe

“Our School and Harrison College have successfully worked together for the past 2 years. During this time, we have had the privilege of supporting young people in their specific areas of interest and expertise, working throughout the many diverse areas of our school within their long-term placements. From the initial meeting to the end of placement, a professional ethos exists with clear expectations and standards made clear for the young adults involved. A clear line of communication for all involved reinforces these expectations and ensures placements are successful, and interactions with each student’s individual tutor reinforces a bespoke programme during the placement.”