• What will I study?

    Please click on the link to our Curriculum page and also Your Future – Academic

  • Do I need an EHCP to attend Harrison College?

    No, you do not need an EHCP although we do work specifically with young people on the autistic spectrum and those with SEMH needs.

    Click on the link to download the application form

    Harrison College Student Application Form

    If you do have an EHCP you will need to liaise with your SENCO and the local authority to name Harrison College in Section I of your plan in your annual review. This will then begin the consultation process between the LA and Harrison College.

  • Where is Harrison College?

    We are based on Heavens Walk, just off the Ten Pound Walk business park. You will have driven past the business park if you have visited Keepmoat Stadium or Lakeside Village.

  • How do I get to Harrison College?

    We ask that students are as independent as possible in getting to college however if this is not possible and you have no alternative then we will liaise with your local authority about transport options. We do have a shuttle bus that picks up at Doncaster Interchange at 8.45am at stand C6 and returns there each afternoon at 2.30pm.

    During the Covid-19 crisis we are asking parents/carers, where possible, to transport their son/daughter to college to minimise contact with others as much as possible. Please ask at reception about the possibility of claiming mileage from the local authority.

  • Do I have to live in Doncaster to attend Harrison College?

    No, as long as you can get here or we can provide suitable transport you can choose to come to Harrison College. If you have an EHCP you need to have this discussion with your SEN Officer and we are currently working with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Sheffield City Region and Nottinghamshire County Council.

  • How do I apply to Harrison College?

    If you have an EHCP a referral to the local authority needs to come from the SENCO in your school and raised at your annual review. If you do not have an EHCP please complete the application form.

  • Is there a transition process, I am nervous about moving from my current setting?

    The short answer is yes, as much as we can do to make sure that you are comfortable at Harrison College we will do. In a normal academic year we being transition after May half term (or when you have completed an external examinations). Transition includes coming into college for visits, meeting staff and current students and completing tasks and activities. We then spend at least the first week of the new academic year on induction, this includes baseline assessments, confidence building and beginning to work as a team. We understand that everyone is different so bespoke transition and induction programmes are also available. We are currently preparing a Google Classroom to aid transition due to the limit on social contact, once this is ready we will make it available to all students joining the college in September 2020.

    You can also access information provided by Doncaster Council, please on the link below:


    Student feedback on Transition / Induction

    “I feel induction has been helpful because it has decreased my anxiety.” September 2020 Student

    “I feel that induction has been helpful because it has given me hope that college will be better than my school in the past 6 years.” September 2020 Student

  • What do we do for lunch?

    All students stay on site for lunch and are asked to bring their own food with them. We have a functioning kitchen (unfortunately no hob or oven though).

  • How do you choose the internship?

    We make sure that your internship is linked to your aspirations and we spend a lot of time looking at personal development plans and career planning. The Principal then matches your interests and aspirations to a business partner that we work with. If the internship isn’t right, you don’t have to stay we can look for an alternative. For more information please go to Your Choice – Supported Internships 

  • What do I do if I am told to self isolate by NHS Test and Trace?

    Firstly, please inform the College and explain why you have been asked to self isolate. You will then be sent an email containing a copy of your timetable and a list of lessons / tasks that are being delivered in College during your isolation period. All you need to do, is go onto Sharepoint-Students and all the resources that you need will be there. Most of all, please don’t panic, we will be there to support you.