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Why Would a Business Offer a Placement?

For our business partners, internships provide a fantastic opportunity to recruit young people that they may not have had the opportunity to meet before. It also allows the business to draw upon their skills and abilities whist adding capacity to their team. Interns could also be part of the solution to recover from the Covid-19 crisis as there is no financial obligation during their time on the internship. Contact Mike Peebles, Business Development Director to discuss how an intern from Harrison College can add value to your business.


Business Reviews

“Our School and Harrison College have successfully worked together for the past 2 years. During this time, we have had the privilege of supporting young people in their specific areas of interest and expertise, working throughout the many diverse areas of our school within their long-term placements. From the initial meeting to the end of placement, a professional ethos exists with clear expectations and standards made clear for the young adults involved. A clear line of communication for all involved reinforces these expectations and ensures placements are successful, and interactions with each student’s individual tutor reinforces a bespoke programme during the placement. Each of our students demonstrates a keen interest in a placement within an area of school, and this is carefully tailored to the skills and aspirations of each individual. During an initial interview, students are encouraged to verbalise their strengths, the skills they hope to develop, and their career aspirations, which gives their placement a focus for all involved. Students are professional in their conduct and have a clear understanding of the difference between college and a work-based placement. The dedication and commitment of all of the young adults we have worked with from Harrison College has been impeccable. A desire to develop skills and knowledge identified for a future career or for further education has been the driver for an effective partnership, with each of the students rising to the continual challenges of working in a busy infant school. We feel very passionately that supporting young adults in their career pathways is an extension of what we do as providers of early education. Alongside playing an active part in developing our own pupils, we have the privilege of supporting a citizen of the future and hope very much that the relationship between our two establishment continues - Saltersgate Infant School”