Inclusive Excellence Committed

Posted on October 9, 2023

Harrison College is proud to have achieved Inclusive Excellence Committed status from Inclusion UK, meeting IE091023

Inclusive Excellence Committed Certificate

Harrison College has committed to:
* Review our policies and procedures
* Ensure policies and procedures:
– demonstrate compliance with legislation
– are designed to prevent discrimination
– instil confidence that people will be treated fairly, with dignity and respect
* Review the accessibility of our buildings, services, and information materials
* Ensure buildings, services, and information materials:
– demonstrate compliance with legislation
– provide equal opportunities for all
* Seek the views of our workforce
* Ensure:
– a range of methods are in place for seeking staff views
– all staff have the opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives
– staff are informed of how their feedback will be used to make improvements
* Provide learning and development opportunities for our workforce
* Ensure:
– a range of different learning and development opportunities are available
– learning and development opportunities are accessible for all employees
* Develop a strategy or action plan for equality, diversity, inclusion, and equity
* Ensure:
– staff are engaged in the EDIE strategy planning and implementation process
– EDIE actions are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound
– plans are in place to evaluate the impact of the EDIE strategic action