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Posted on February 27, 2024

Introducing… RailX | FORWARDER magazine

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, award-winning RailX emerges as a trailblazing, ‘free to use’ digital marketplace, making the landscape of intermodal rail freight accessible to everyone. Launching in November, RailX is the brainchild of former RAF engineer, Paul Bathgate, and designer of Abu Dhabi’s rail infrastructure, Steve Freeman. As the long-awaited solution to filling intermodal rail services, RailX is set to revolutionise the planning of port-to-door logistics.

Founders Paul Bathgate and Steve Freeman jointly worked on a project to increase rail volumes and in 2018 they decided to bring their collective skills together and put in motion a plan to reduce CO2 emissions across the freight industry. Since then, their unwavering commitment to sustainability has propelled the advancement of their pioneering product, RailX.

Simplifying the once daunting process of rail freight booking, RailX acts like Trainline for containers, giving companies that have traditionally found it difficult to use rail an access point, paving the way for a greener future. It provides unparalleled benefits that are environmentally conscious and commercially advantageous for partners and customers.  

Significant reduction in carbon footprint

Opting to access rail freight via RailX can result in up to a staggering 76% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional road-only freight. By seamlessly integrating ‘port-to-door’ managed solutions, inclusive of ‘final-mile’ deliveries by road, RailX enables businesses to contribute to a cleaner planet without compromising on efficiency.

With an approved and certified carbon calculator in conjunction with Pledge, RailX provides accurate calculations of your carbon savings, ensuring transparency and trust at every step. Moving just one container between Felixstowe and Doncaster via rail saves 235kg of CO2, the equivalent of 10 trees over a 25-year lifespan.

Reliable, flexible & low-carbon solutions  

Working in partnership with hauliers and inland rail ports, RailX maximises the use of cargo space on trains. As an increasingly reliable and flexible low-carbon alternative to long-distance road transport, RailX is instrumental in driving a modal shift to more environmentally friendly practices. With the added advantage of immunity from HGV driver shortages, RailX ensures a sustainable and streamlined future for logistics and supply chains.  

Effortless accessibility & integration

Embracing the latest technology, RailX works similarly to popular B2C platforms like Trainline, Uber and Uniquely, it combines modes of transport to provide seamless journeys. By using empty carriages, RailX is opening up rail freight to smaller companies that are currently unable to access traditional rail freight due to lower capacity. Moreover, with the unique ability to provide customers with quotes and estimated CO2 savings without commitment, RailX ensures transparency and ease of decision-making for businesses looking to make the switch to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The Woodland Group has been working with RailX since 2021, to reduce its clients’ global carbon footprint in a cost-efficient way. Initially beginning as a trial, the project successfully transitioned a high volume of shipments from road to rail while maintaining a competitive price point in comparison to traditional road haulage. 

The partnership RailX has provided Woodland Group with convenient access to rail freight services, seamless integration with final mile solutions, and a reliable, sustainable alternative to conventional road freight. We look forward to expanding on this initial partnership to collaborate on developing sustainable supply chain solutions for a better future.

Luke Fermor, Fulfilment Trade Manager, Woodland Group

Elevating standards with cutting-edge technology

Built using innovative low-code technology, RailX ensures rapid development and seamless integration, enabling a smooth and user-friendly experience for its clients. RailX is committed to providing its customers with unfettered access to the expansive rail freight network.

RailX will deliver services to UK customers, in support of the movement (import and export) of goods between the UK and the rest of the world (ROW). Furthermore, through strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions like Harrison College, RailX is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent in digital logistics as well as supporting neurodiverse people to join the industry.

Co-founder Paul Bathgate is clear in his vision:  Our focus is on driving more accessible sustainable solutions for Forwarders and Logistics companies. We work with lots of big brands, like Nike, Amazon and Geodis, but we want to reassure small companies that now they have the same opportunity to use

environmentally friendly alternatives. There are lots of companies that have tried and failed to use rail and many more who want to use it but can’t currently access it. RailX gives everyone the same access to rail freight. 

With the shop metaphorically ready and the shelves well-stocked, the team has conducted extensive research and stands poised to introduce RailX to a broader audience. One thing is for certain, RailX is set to become a trailblazing platform that will revolutionise how Forwarders plan journeys from port-to-door. Register your interest in RailX online at

Join the revolution today and be part of a sustainable future with RailX. Find out more at the next Forwarder Event in Doncaster. Simplify, streamline, and sustain – with RailX, the future of freight is within your grasp.  

Paul Bathgate

Co-Founder, Paul Bathgate, has a solid foundation shaped during his tenure in the Royal Air Force as an engineer. Having since spent time in the logistics industry, Paul has developed critical communications and operations systems, using tech to manage change. This provided Paul with valuable insights and reaffirmed his commitment to fostering sustainable solutions within the transportation sector.

Reflecting on this, he shares:  The issue of climate change and sustainability is now firmly on the business agenda. The market disruption created by Covid-19 and the new UK Border Operating Model required by Brexit, have created an environment for change. Business has an opportunity to re-think logistics in light of reliable and sustainable alternatives. 

Steve Freeman

Co-Founder, Steve Freeman, will be celebrating a 50-year career in the rail industry this December. From British Rail to entrepreneurial projects, Steve has led railway and port modernisation initiatives across the globe. This included the pioneering development of the rail infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, where he faced the unique challenge of building a railway from scratch on sand.

While working on Doncaster port and rail, Steve began talking with his eventual co-founder, Paul and realised they shared a mutual ambition to optimise the number of train journeys and a shared frustration at the underutilisation of available capacity. Steve’s unparalleled expertise, vision, and relentless drive for innovation continue to be instrumental in propelling RailX toward a future of unprecedented growth and transformation.

Ian Waring

Ian’s expertise spans finance, legal, back office and commercial, and plays a crucial role in the seamless functioning of RailX.  As Ian began to contemplate retirement, an unexpected encounter with Paul and his latest business venture altered his plans. Having known each other for decades, what started as a casual conversation soon evolved, and Ian found himself invigorated by the prospect of joining the team at RailX. 

 This project came along and changed my mindset. I realised I wasn’t ready to retire. I wanted to contribute to the realisation of this ground-breaking product and support the next generation to steer sustainability and RailX into the future.   

Lindsay Shentall

With a background in finance and operations, Lindsay is driven by an unwavering desire to enact positive change. Lindsay’s journey has been one of continual growth and contribution, and she has recently accepted an award on behalf of RailX at the Rail Freight Group Awards.

When Lindsay was approached by Paul and Steve for an interview, she was immediately captivated by the immense potential for carbon reduction that their product offered. Transitioning into an operations role, Lindsay relished the opportunity to oversee the entire process, from inception to fruition. Being an integral part of a company that actively contributes to the rebuilding of the UK economy post-COVID by fostering stronger exports and imports fills her with immense pride.

Tom Ciullo

Tom Ciullo, a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO), began his career at Deloitte before harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in low-code development to launch a creative agency. During his eight-year tenure at Deloitte, Tom made significant strides within the company, starting on the graduate scheme and progressing into the realms of digital solutions and technical risk management. 

Tom’s enthusiasm for RailX stems from its ground-breaking status as the first-of-its-kind platform and passion for making rail freight accessible to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  His alignment with RailX’s emphasis on curbing carbon emissions in a vast and influential industry is a testament to his dedication to sustainable practices.

Gemma Tordoff, contributing writer, FORWARDER magazine