Creative Writing at Harrison College

Posted on November 8, 2022

Creative writing at Harrison College Doncaster (

It’s been so much fun and so insightful holding the huge majority of our workshops and groups online over this past year – we’ve opened the door to loads of new writers and we’ve loved finding new ways of working – both for us at Hive, and for the writers taking part. We’ve been doing things as safely and sensibly as possible. We won’t lie though – we’ve all missed the creative energy of being in the same room as the people we work with and, over the past few weeks, with the world emerging we’ve – relished sessions in the real world again!

Yesterday, Nik completed his run of sessions at Harrison College in Doncaster. The college itself is there specifically to support young people over 16 with high-functioning autism, who want to thrive in business and enterprise. Over the sessions Nik worked with groups of young people to writing poems, encouraging teamwork, and nurturing written and verbal communication.

We wrote to celebrate ourselves; we designed futures for ourselves and our communities; we built creative work together and we let the world know what we’re most proud of. Any success comes from being proud of who we are and recognising all the things we do well.

A huge thanks to all the young writers who took part and to the staff at Harrison College.

This work was made possible by Well Doncaster Barrier Busters funding support.