Your Life – Social & Cultural

It is important that we prepare our students for adulthood and also break down those barriers that often limit them in new and different social situations. As part of our programme we intend to incorporate visits to a range of different experiences, planning at least one cultural experience each term. We also have plans for a range of social events to not only encourage our students to communicate with each other, but with our stakeholders and local community.

To support our students in developing social skills and managing their anxieties we have a range of activities and resources available, alongside working with Alder Tree Therapy House for any specific individual therapy needs.

In the college we have the following available:

Mentoring and Coaching Room

Time out room with bean bags and fidget toys


Table Tennis and Pool table

Lego Therapy

At Harrison College we believe it is important that our students are involved in projects outside of the college therefore we commit to paying for every students to complete the NCS programme in their first year of study (if they have not already completed it). For the academic year 2019 – 2020 we are hoping for all our students to attend the 3 week programme 8th July 2020 – 26th July 2020.


Watch this space for the list of events that will take place.