World Autism Awareness Month 2021

One in every 100 UK school children is autistic and, without the right support, school can be a confusing and difficult place. We’d love you to join us this World Autism Awareness Month and help improve understanding of autism among your friends and family.

Why your help is more important than ever

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly tough for many autistic people and their families. Services have closed and many people have been left stranded. The ever-changing guidelines and restrictions can be confusing to understand and extremely difficult to implement for autistic people with high support needs.

Thanks to our supporters, we’ve been able to campaign to ensure autistic people’s needs are taken into account by governments across the UK in these challenging times. Autistic people have been included in mask exemptions and have been given more opportunities to exercise.

We’ve developed online resources for autistic people and increased the number of online social groups we run. There is still so much to do and we desperately need your help to continue this vital work.

Christine McGuiness, National Autistic Society ambassador is asking that we all take part in the Super 7 Challenge.

Get involved in the Super 7 Challenge

Super 7 Challenge (

At Harrison College will be celebrating autism and “Why be different, when you can stand out?” throughout the month of April, with students, staff and external agencies taking part in daily Super 7 Challenges, talking about education journeys, sharing stories and wearing blue!


Please help us celebrate and raise awareness and if you take part in a Super 7 Challenge please send us a short clip or video about your own journey to