It is important that we prepare our students for adulthood and also break down those barriers that often limit them in new and different social situations.

As part of our programme we intend to incorporate visits to a range of different experiences, planning at least one cultural experience each term. We also have plans for a range of social events to not only encourage our students to communicate with each other, but with our stakeholders and local community.

To support our students in developing social skills and managing their anxieties we have a range of activities and resources available including the following in College:

  • Mentoring and Coaching Room
  • Time out room with bean bags and fidget toys
  • Library
  • Table Tennis and Pool table
  • Lego Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapist

Eat Well, Think Better

As part of our ‘Eat Well, Think Better’ campaign we provide food for our students for breakfast club and for lunch so that no-one is left feeling hungry and they develop good eating habits now and for the future. This project is supported by FoodAWARECIC and Morrisons.

Active Leaders

Active Leaders is a programme which develops confidence, employability and leadership skills. Trainees learn to plan and lead fun, physical activity sessions and run events, with signposting towards follow-on work experience and community volunteering. The programme also includes Basic First Aid and is accredited by CIMSPA.


Step – UP Programme – Department for Work and Pensions

Trips, Events and Cultural Capital

We have a wide and varied enrichment programme, where we try to cater to the individual interests and needs of all of our students. We have visited the following places so far this year:

York City Centre

York Christmas Market 2019

Jorvik Viking Centre

Woodfield Farm (Christmas Lunch)

Potteric Carr – Yorkshire Wildlife Trust