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Welcome to Harrison College and #TeamHC

A message to you from one of our students:

“A minibus can pick you up from Doncaster Interchange or you can be dropped off if you prefer. You will be scanned as you enter the college, and you will find a locker to put your bag in. You will sign in and put your locker number in as well. The first 30 minutes are just for chilling and talking. At 9.30 you will watch a tutorial on that day and go to your group on that day. You will be given your timetables and at 10.00 you will do whatever lesson until 12.00. Then you will have 30 minutes to eat lunch and talk. 12.30 – whatever lesson until 1.30 then whatever lesson until 2.30. Some afternoons are enrichment where different activities are experienced. You may want to set yourself some targets if this is suggested by the staff. You should try and push yourself towards achieving your goals. You should never doubt yourself and always feel ready. You should see this as an opportunity to make some new friends and start working your way towards getting a job. You should never be afraid to ask for help. If you need to, you can go for a walk with one of the staff members to refresh your mind before a lesson or something.”