School Testimonial -XP Trust

“XXX came to us half way through her secondary journey as an angry and frustrated young person. She didn’t want to engage in any subject and would become totally disruptive in class, refusing to participate and showing no respect to her peers or staff. She was aggressive and could not control her emotions. Eventually it came to a point when she had to be removed from sessions and receive 1:1 support from a Learning Coach. Her mood each day depended on her home life and some days she could not engage in anything. XXX always had a passion for art and that was her therapy during year 11, she hated Maths and would easily tire of any other subject. When I came to the open evening at Harrison College I could not believe the transformation in that young lady, From an angry, volatile student to someone who was leading conversations, engaged in helping showcase the college, it was remarkable and humbling to watch. She talked happily about how much she loved maths at HC and how the teacher made it easy to understand and fun. Although seeing her engaged in academic studies was wonderful, what I found most heart-warming was her discussing her friendships and feeling accepted for who she is, her realisation that she could have friends and could help others was a joy to hear. You should be really proud of the progress you have made and the transformation of XXX as a young person to the calm and happy, outgoing young woman she has become. To know that she is working both in college and in the wider community reflects the need for a Post 16 provision like yours, which is bespoke to the individual needs of the student. I genuinely thank you for not only changing a young persons prospects and outcomes but also for helping her find the best version of herself.”. Kathryn Burns