Your Voice

We value the opinions of all of our stakeholders; our students, our families and our employers. As a new college our stakeholders have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the college and ensure that the provision is right for the young people and community that we serve. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on what the college is doing well and how we can improve.

Parent Voice

Current parent Victoria Taylor “Just had to let you know that XX has had one of the best days at McLaren ! As he walked towards the car I could see how he could not contain his smile, as soon as he got in the car he started to tell me about it all and how he got to try the mechanical arm etc… he said it was amazing in there. I asked him if he could see himself working somewhere like that and before I could even finish the question he said: “I’d love to work there!” followed by: “and we got free biscuits” 😊 He then went on to talk about his 3D course he was doing and how he could use that. I’ve honestly never seen him be excited by something like this in years. I asked him if that was you [Mike] I saw with him and he said yes, I then said how nice and supportive you’ve been and XX responded: “They are all really nice at college”. Thank you to all of you for all the support and all you do for him.”

Current parent Mrs Guest “I am so pleased [he] seems to be making excellent progress in all aspects of learning. Finally, this is all I even wanted for xxx to be happy going to school/college and be learning. Thankyou.”

Current parent Mrs Ulley ” I can’t say enough positives about this College, they are amazing. Great staff, nothing is too much trouble. They help students achieve and overcome obstacles with life skills, which helps take the pressure away from parents. They support the students where mainstream has let them down. They build confidence. No pressure like school, it’s all in the students’ time and capabilities.”

Current parent Mrs Smith “We really do appreciate everything that you have done so far and continue to do . [He] has settled well at Harrison college and will hopefully continue to thrive .
You have all done brilliantly in handling the current situation regarding the pandemic and in particular making sure that all the students are as safe as they can be . It’s comforting as a parent to know that our child is in safe hands . Really love the communication that you give to keep us up to date with what is happening too. ”

Current parent “Can I also thank you and your staff for putting the smile back on XX face. For the first time in around 3 years she came home today saying she’d learned something and had enjoyed the whole day and I wanted to pass this on. I realise it’s early days but this is a real positive for her.”

Current parent “Thanks so much for spending time with [him] this morning. I am so proud of [him.] I knew how much he was struggling yet he didn’t give up and say take me home. Thanks for your support to make this a success for him Gemma .. it’s much appreciated.”

Current parent “Thankyou so much for your lovely email, you have no idea how much it means to me .  I have to say thankyou to yourself and all the amazing staff at Harrison college as the changes I have seen in [X] since he started in September have been truly amazing, he is honestly like a totally different person. [He] has always struggled socially in the past, he’s always been shy and timid, he would always stay in his room, it was all I could do to get him to speak two words to us at home. The last two years were especially worrying for me as [He] had expressed feelings of depression and it was always heart-breaking to me to see my son look so down and unhappy. [He] told me he was scared for his future as he felt lost and alone in the world and had no idea what he was going to do with his life as he felt he doesn’t belong anywhere.  Then along came Harrison college! I can hand on heart say its the best thing to ever happen to him, I now look at my son and he is confident, happy and comfortable in his own skin, he no longer stays in his room avoiding us, and not only that he is actually enjoying learning! So thankyou so much! … I want you all to know how awesome you all are and what an amazing job you are all doing! It’s only been a short time but already you have literally changed our lives! I honestly can’t thank you enough!”

Student Voice

Student testimonial “I really like Harrison College because it’s a small environment for me to work in. The staff are nice and I think I’ve improved my communication skills and my confidence. I would like to stay at Harrison College.”

Reece Chan 2021 Graduate – “Harrison College has given me a large opportunity for work, build my confidence and develop new skills. They have also given me time to decide what I want to do in the long-term future. My internship with a local business was arranged and I was supported with that – I have now been offered an apprenticeship. I would recommend Harrison College to anyone who is struggling to work out what to do with their future.”



Student Feedback on September 2020 Induction

“I feel that induction has been brilliant because it has helped me settle into a new environment which is supposedly difficult for me.” Current Student

Student Questionnaire September 2020

We gave our students a questionnaire during their third week of College to see how they were settling in and we received really positive feedback.

100% of students have said that they are treated fairly and 95% receive the support that they need.

A current student has commented the following when asked what they like best about the College: “The mature atmosphere and small classes.”

Transition – ‘Its OK to be Worried.’ Please click the link below to answer the questions regarding transition.

Stakeholder Voice

Saltersgate Infant School “Our School and Harrison College have successfully worked together for the past 2 years. During this time, we have had the privilege of supporting young people in their specific areas of interest and expertise, working throughout the many diverse areas of our school within their long-term placements. From the initial meeting to the end of placement, a professional ethos exists with clear expectations and standards made clear for the young adults involved. A clear line of communication for all involved reinforces these expectations and ensures placements are successful, and interactions with each student’s individual tutor reinforces a bespoke programme during the placement.”

Please contact the college if you have any comments or suggestions.