The intent of our curriculum is to develop young people that are employable and for all of our students to secure the skills and attributes to enter employment at the end of their study programme

We encourage all learners to be the best they can be. We provide a safe, caring and motivating learning environment where high quality learning and teaching experiences ensure a culture of success and achievement. We tailor our offer to individual needs and targets however we have a curriculum intention map that we work towards which splits learner time between academic qualifications, employability and social and cultural experiences.

Our curriculum is rooted in achieving our vision and values; to create an inclusive, business and enterprise provision where learners can thrive, placing no limits on what can be achieved no matter their background or starting point, leading to a secure and prosperous future.

In our recent student survey, 100% of students said that learning sessions are taught well.

Why is Harrison College different?

  • Business and enterprise specialism
  • Quality first, innovative teaching, individualised for learner needs
  • High quality, qualified teaching staff
  • 5-day, 39 week provision including a supported internship
  • Small, nurturing environment for learners with autism
  • Preparation for the recruitment process and employment
  • Curriculum framework which includes recognised Level 2 qualifications in Work Skills, Personal Financial Education and Functional Skills
  • The curriculum links to the National Occupational Standards and the corporate priorities in Doncaster